WATCH: Guest Flashes Bum To Jeremy Kyle Audience On Today’s Bizzare Episode

The shenanigans never stop over at the Jeremy Kyle Show studios, as the host and his audience were left both flabbered and ghasted today when a guest dropped her trousers onstage.

Nat appeared on the ITV morning show to find out of her boyfriend of 11 years had been cheating on her.

If her boyfriend, Jim, passed the lie detector test, Nat promised to let Jezza write his signature on her bare behind.

After Jim got a “full house” as they call it, proving that he was telling the truth on all of the questions posed to him, Nat rose from her chair, sauntered over to Kyle and proceeded to drop-trou ready for him to sign.

Kyle, who recently confirmed his relationship with his children’s ex-nanny, grabbed a pen and scrawled away, with a look on his face no words could accurately do justice to.

Turning to the audience he said: “I never thought I’d sign someone’s naked backside on national television.”

Earlier, he had asked Nat if she smoked weed and she had, admitting it had made her paranoid.

The weirdest request that Jeremy Kyle has ever had? Probably. The rudest request he’s ever had? Probably not!