Private Investigators Reveal The Most Bizzare Cases They’ve Ever Been Assigned

Did surveillance on a nurse. She was supposedly so disabled that she couldn’t work. They suspected she was working. Easiest surveillance I ever did. I arrived. She got in her car 10 minutes later. Followed her, with no complication, to a strip club where she went in and began doing her thing.

Club had a posted prohibition on video. So I had to go in and watch her dance so that I could testify that I saw her dancing when it went to court. Over the next few days I followed her to three other strip clubs and did the same.

That month I turned in the sketchiest expense report of my life.

Eventually it went before the WC Board. When the judge asked why she was stripping she just shrugged and said she made twice as much money than when she was nursing.

Benefits got yanked. Insurance company was happy. But the company lawyer gave me the nickname “Detective Tits” which, most regrettably, stuck and spread to all of the other lawyers I dealt with.

Worse night of my life, man.


Someone wanted to know what their cat was up to when they were working. Paid me to tail it. I don’t like wasting my time but the works not always busy as a PI. Turns out the cat just walks around the streets, licks itself and climbs trees….


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