Kids With This Character Trait Earn More As Adults, Says Study

A new study has been published suggesting that the tiny troublemakers and miniature mavericks of today might just be the millionaires of tomorrow.

The Luxembourg study followed 745 sixth graders from 1968 to 2008 and found that, overall, naughty kids tended to be higher earners as adults.


By assessing the kids’ backgrounds, IQ, daily habits and academic achievements, as well as input from their teachers, the researchers identified a “rule-breaker” character trait.

The study theorized that rule-breakers were more likely to push for pay rises and be more demanding when negotiating salaries, thus earning more.

Although the study did also say, “We also cannot rule out that individuals who are likely or willing to break rules get higher pay for unethical reasons.”


So as long as your child knows the difference between kicking a ball over the neighbour’s fence and organized crime, you can encourage a little bit of naughtiness.


Because, fingers crossed, you could end up in a really swanky care home.