Everything that happened on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 launch from Calum Best and his mum’s reunion, to Stacy Francis’ tears and bombshell interviews

CELEBRITY Big Brother kicked off with X-rated jokes, a harsh task, tears and even a mini tantrum tonight, as reality stars, musicians and actors joined forces.

The old stars were forced to “edit out” a contestant

The All Star contestants – which also included the likes of former Strictly Come Dancing professional James Jordan, model Jasmine Waltz and reality star Austin Armacost – were tasked with choosing who should be “edited out” of the show.

They settled on Stacy Francis, banishing her out into the garden as the others enjoyed the launch party, but it left poor Stacy in floods of tears.

Stacy was also told to wear a beige hoodie and tracksuit set and that she would be missing out on any of the big events.

And Calum got a huge shock when he and his fellow All Star celebrities joined the New Stars camp to see his mother Angie standing there.

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Stacy was “edited out” in the launch show
Calum Best and mum Angie were reunited
Calum was gobsmacked to see his mum there

Spencer then joked: “Feel free to boo, I haven’t had any boos in three years.”

Heidi added: “You thought we played the game well last time,” before Spencer added: “But you’ve not seen anything yet.”

Spencer and Heidi Pratt speak ahead of entering the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house


Heidi and Spencer opted for matching outfits
Heidi and Spencer had a dramatic promo shoot

They were soon joined by former Strictly Come Dancing professional James Jordan and model Jasmine Waltz before being taken into a special room where they would be deciding the fate of their other housemates.

James Jordan enters the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house


James Jordan gave a thumbs up to the crowd

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Jasmine stunned in floor-length black


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round two!

Who is James Jordan? Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemate and Strictly Come Dancing professional

Wearing a plunging black jumpsuit, Jasmine said in her VT: “You might know me for being a big slut.

Jasmine Waltz promises entertainment before entering the Celebrity Big Brother 2017

“I was involved in this ridiculous love triangle. It ruined my entire existence in the house. This time you get to watch me make the same mistakes over again I’m sure.

“If there’s hot guys, that’s a challenge… You know that I’m weak.”

She added: “I’m not a shy person, show me your tits.”

Ray J pulled a moody pose


Ray J joked he needed a British passport

Ray J joked: “You might also know me for my d***.

He added in his opening VT: “You might know my cousin Snoop Dog. I’m a grown man and a grown boss.

“People know about the sex tape with Kim Kardashian, order it, get me some money. People are stick j***ing off over that sex tape.”

As Emma said: “I love how British you’re looking”, Ray J joked: “I need a passport.”

Ray J enters the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house

After joking about his famous sex tape with Kanye’s wife, the American rapper than entered the house while his track ‘I Hit It First’ blasted across the set.


Bianca stunned in bright red

Meanwhile, Bianca said: “I’m feisty and opinionated.”

She added: “If there’s someone in there I find attractive, I will see what happens. I’ve kissed on camera and I would again.”

Bianca went on: “I’m ready to go in there and take Big Brother by the balls.”

Comparing herself to a “mermaid”, Bianca met co-star Ray J with a huge smile, before announcing he sang her favourite hit song.

Bianca Gascoigne says she’s feisty ahead of entering the Celebrity Big Brother 2017
Austin admitted he’s on the look for love
Austin Armacost was all suave style

And Austin Armacost confessed he was looking for love in the house after just breaking up with his fiancé of nine years. And he wasn’t too impressed about joining Spencer and Heidi in the house as he dubbed them “nightmare housemates” and “plastic”.

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan soon arrived to a rouse of applause from the crowds gathered outside the Big Brother house as did actor James Cosmo.

Coleen announced: “I’m now a very Loose Woman,” before adding: “If my gut instinct tells me someone’s fake, I’ll speak up.”

She concluded: “This is going to be a house from hell.”

Coleen Nolan will be stronger in Celebrity Big Brother 2017


Coleen dressed in all black for the launch show

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The star looked overwhelmed

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Brandon Block went for head to toe black

Speaking in her opening VT, the star referenced allegations her husband Tom Williams had cheated, adding: “My husband behaved like a d***, but we worked and we’re happy. What? Is everyone’s husband perfect?

Nicola McLean says she’s ‘good TV’ ahead of Celebrity Big Brother 2017

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Nicola stunned in floor-length nude

“I did have a lot of lows in there, and a lot I still haven’t live out.

“I went through a stage when I was stupid spending stupid amounts of money. I bought my ex wife a white Bentley. That was an expensive day.

“I think people have a massively wrong perception of me. I;’d be scared about having a row with someone because I don’t take any s***.”

Jamie O’Hara laughs about ex-wife Danielle Lloyd on Celebrity Big Brother 2017

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Jamie admitted he was “stupid” in his past

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Calum Best opted for vibrant blue for his entrance

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Angie stunned in a sheer patterned top to join her son
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