Celebrity Nutritionist Shares Top 4 Weight Loss Secrets – Fitness, Sex, Health, Wellbeing & Weight Loss

Some of his most popular tips are:

1. No Bread. Well technically he swears by no yeast, no mould and no gluten. These are all multi-ingredient starches, instead he recommends one ingredient starches like potatoes, rice and oatmeal.

2. Eat the most protein at night. Protein helps your body repair muscle tissue. Dr Goglia recommends eating protein at night as your body has time to rest and recover.

3. His biggest tip is to cut out dairy! The nutritionist believes that elimination of dairy is the key to a flat belly and helps clear skin and aids nasal congestion. “Dairy is like eating moderately hard phlegm,” Dr. Goglia said. “It adversely affects digestion, it causes bloating and gas, it promotes inflammation, and it adversely affects oxygen utilisation.”

4. Drink lots of water. Dr Goglia recommends drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Water “is responsible for moving nutrients and toxins through our system… it also regulates body temperature.” He goes on to explain “if your water is low and you can’t regulate your temperature patters, then your body will start to store fat underneath your skin to act as insulation to control your temperature.”

Some of Dr Goglia’s biggest success stories are Chris Pratt who shed 27kg for his latest movie and Khloe Kardashian who lost 5kg in 6 weeks.